Building a smart home

A home is a place where we spend most of our resting period. Today a lot of smart devices are available at a very reasonable price and the same can be bought and installed easily. Here is a must buy list for India on Diwali.

Speaker Bluetooth: Use this to convert any ordinary speaker to a wireless speaker

Smart batten : This light can be configured via phone, alexa and google home. You can use it as a silent alarm by scheduling time for starting or stopping the light. It works with both Alexa and Google Home

Smart bulb : This bulb has millions of colours and can be used similar to the smart batten

Echo : A smart speaker talks to you and listens to you To ensure privacy keep it off when not in use. It connects with the smart bulb and smart batten using the voice commands.

Firetv : Why stick to the small screen. Enjoy whatever you have to play on a bigger screen using firetv

Smart plug: Every morning the geyser can be switched on exactly at the time you want it. And saves electricity by turning off too. Get 15 minutes of that extra sleep with the smart plug.

Wipro next app : Manage the devices with the Wipro Next App

Google Home app

Amazon Alexa app

Colour changing light recipe #life24abode

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