Buying a Wellness Friendly Mobile

Buying a mobile is not an easy decision with each type bringing its own sets of features, price points and capabilities. Here are the list of things you must keep in mind while buying a mobile

  1. Price: The price can be a little lower somewhere around Rs 20,000 as then you can buy other accessories like a smart watch with it.
  2. Weight: Buy a lighter mobile as it will disturb less at the time of walking
  3. Sound quality: Buy one with great sound quality so that you can hear podcasts etc while walking
  4. Camera: A great camera will motivate you to venture out and take excellent pictures and hence move more
  5. Battery: Long battery life will enable you to take an extra stroll on your way back home
  6. Display: The display must work in sunlight so that you can work even when you are in sun
  7. Weather resistant: It will enable you to not worry too much about the mobile when outside

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