Diwali activities for kids to ensure you get some me-time

As Diwali is approaching in India the festive month has begun. It is a time of both excitement and exhaustion. Heres a list of activities you can plan for Diwali

1. Ramleela: There are a lot of Ramleelas available via youtube. Get kids to watch one of those

2. Rangoli: Get some colours so that kids can make their own Rangoli


3. Share memories: Connect them to their grandparents and get them ask about how they used to spend the Diwali.

4. Make greeting cards: Ask them to make greeting cards for the people they love and send scanned copies of those

5. Arrange online meetings with family in which kids stay half an hour late to chit chat with their cousins.

6. Clean the house and create a charity box for donations.


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