Employee Wellness in Manufacturing Sector

Life24Fit is a context aware solution for organizations to take care of physical fitness for employees. 

Recently our Founder participated in OCCUCON 2017 as a speaker on how to integrate Employee Wellness with Occupational Health with the help of technology.

Here are some takeaways from the experience.

  1. The Manufacturing Sector is much more careful about occupational health and employee wellness 
  2. A lot of programs are driven only from India and are much more effective than programs run from global centres. Participation of India based programs is as good as 86% in some cases. These numbers are much lower in IT Sector.
  3. The high tech has to be combined with high touch to make the programs effective
  4. Technology is mainly used for content delivery and database management. 
  5. There is a lot of increase interest in employee wellness as a continuous approach to occupational health.
  6. They are looking towards innovation as a solution but are not sure how exactly it will fit in.

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