Why startups need HRMS and employee wellness

While large organisations have processes and redundancy, small organisations have key employees. But in a lot of cases the senior team is busy following investors and targets and forget to take care of employees. Here is how startups can deploy HRMS and employee wellness programs to ensure employee productivity

  1. Tracking what employees are doing. Timesheets give confidence to employees that the management is aware of their contribution
  2. Leave Management: Tracking leaves is much more easier
  3. More flexibility: Due to timeshe
  4. ets more flexibility can be taken by employees
  5. Data collection: A lot of project data can be collected to predict future estimates
  6. Employee Well-being: Management can find when the team is working long hours and risk of burnout can be reduced by taking preventive measures like giving off days, fun outings, trainings, yoga sessions etc.

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