You have to earn your health like you earn your salary!!!

Picture this You go to a gym for 5 months you start feeling fit. You start getting complements, your energy level increases, you start feeling happier and more positive. The condition or reason why you started gymming is no longer valid. You re-evaluate your needs and gym now falls at the bottom of the needs. It’s a met need. You are tempted to quit now? Should you quit? A lot of people do and then what happens, they again enter the spiral of lesser health, energy level happiness and so on. What is the way to avoid it. Think of exercise as hardwork and the feeling good as your compensation. Now only if you continue to exercise you continue to get compensation. If you stop working(out) you may get some leaves but soon enough they will expire and you stop getting your outcome. So the best way to be always feeling good is to make 150 minutes of exercise a week a part of your life which you have to do. Happy Working(out)

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