Why Life24.fit

Life24.Fit is healthy life companion which reminds you of self care and wellness

An introduction to Life24.Fit

What is Life24.Fit?  A healthy life companion!!!
In 3 words this is what the Life24.Fit app is all about.
Not a yoga guru, expert dietitian or mental health counsellor.
It is the friend that nudges you to join him for a walk when it’s nice weather outside, or your office colleague who tells you to not take that extra helping of samosa at office when you are on a diet.

All for a fitter tomorrow 
With just a few clicks, it identifies who you are, and your current health stats. Quietly, it records how many steps you take, calories burnt, hours slept, etc.
Then it is the girl/boy friend that is happy you have achieved your healthcare targets for your week. Or the mother who will berate you for having been a naughty child piling on calories through the week.

Our Philosophy

We built the app so that it silently, persistently nudges you towards good health. Yoga, mindfulness, walking and Ayurveda are the 4 cornerstones that make the foundation of Life24Fit.

We disdain dieting as much as you (hi-five!)

We love a good snack at the favourite local restaurant, just like you (wink)

Only, Life24Fit makes sure you do it a little wisely.

We believe that fitness is something you can pursue every day, 24 hours. Not just for 1 hour in the gym, or for a 1 week of crash dieting, etc.
If you have to persist, you must believe in it.

• Yoga- yoga is not just about doing cool asanas. It is a healthy way of life. Asanas help you get flexible, but yoga in its entirety helps you be confident, calm and in control of your health.

• Mindfulness- simply put, it is being aware of the task at hand. Be it eating, typing an email, ordering online. Being where you are right now, and not carried away with the thoughts into a past, or a future is sometimes all you need to make a more meaningful, successful every moment in the present.

• Walking-  Lets accept it. It is the one activity you can do no matter where you are, what season it is, what age you are, what mood you are in. It instantly gets you body pumping blood and is one of the most underrated and under-utilized anti-depressants. Life24Fit gives you non-intrusive notifications when the weather is just perfect to head for a short walk. 
Maybe it will help you calm down after that stressful meeting at office, maybe it will give you an idea for that surprise you have been wanting to give your loved one. Who knows!

•   Ayurveda- Echoing our zeal for staying all natural, soon, we aim to incorporate all herbal and Ayurvedic components of staying fit.

Not just an individual app, our corporate wellness programs will help you improve the overall fitness quotient of your work force. Better productivity, lesser absenteeism and more cheerful attitude towards work are some of the obvious benefits. Higher employee retention, and lower turnover costs are throughput benefits.


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