8 learnings from lockdown

1. Travel can be cut down if you wish to: A face to face interaction is not always necessary

2. People can come together for a common goal and even suffer losses for the same

3. Local administration can have a huge impact on the people by supplying food, collecting trash etc. This can give them the confidence that in fairer times they can improve the lives of the people

4. Scientists, pharmacists, engineers are the pillars of the society helping lead this fight

5. People should realize that they can live really well by consuming 1/3rd of what they need.

6. Sometimes solutions are very simple. But are not considered because they look difficult and so government shies away from these.

7. As humans we are designed to adapt to survive. We should tap into this gift more often to make a more sustainable world

8. Technology: Leverage technology to create better experiences. The more the digitization the smoother the running of operations.


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