Why we need wellness specifically designed for women.

“Women’s Day Ident” by Rizwan Minhas is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Working Women have their own challenges. Some of them are

  1. They have parenting guilt
  2. They have to multitask much more
  3. They cannot network the way men do
  4. Their health very easily gets impacted by the conflicting requirements of work and family

These conflicting requirements need to bring a complete wellness solution. Solving one thing would not help.

  • Physical fitness do be able to deliver all their responsibilities well
  • Emotional well-being to be able to be the pillar of support for the family
  • Financial awareness to manage freedom even in periods when she is taking career break to support family
  • Me time to recharge and be a giver again
  • Any additional need based support


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