Listen to your reports

As the lockdown is making us more and more busy, we struggle to take time out. Also we get tired of browsing through emails, books, reports all the time.

Here are some great new features to use while working which can make the work experience less dependent on typing and reading

Google Keep:

It is not only available everywhere but has an excellent voice to text conversion functionality for small one line reminders


A closer look at options in Microsoft Word will reveal that you can simple open your mic and talk in it as it makes notes.

Adobe Reader:

Yesterday I noticed this interesting functionality that it can read out the text

Amazon Echo:

If you ask it Alexa can read out Kindle books very nicely.

And I am sure there are many more. So Happy Listening!!!

  1. Poonam Sachdevs 3 years ago

    We spend such a small speck of the life of universe on earth. Some come for 50 years, some come for 60 years and other live until 100 but how much energy we invest in collecting so many things which will not go with us. It’s time to realise that it’s important to build the faith in humam relations and drive energy from it. With the fast pace of life and unlimited responsibilities the only time we are left with should be used to cherish our relations and celebrate our togetherness. After all we are all interconnected and as humanity we have responsibility to look after each other. Lets start building a world around us where the supreme power or nature feels happy to see us growing together. The celestial music that creates the mountains and the ripples and tide in rivers and sea is waiting for us to recognise it and embrace it..Lets all recognise our positive energies and work towards appreciating our uniqueness and the fact that we are all equally loved by God irrespective of cast or creed. Lets build empathy in our inherent nature and work towards long lasting relationships. This is the key to human survival in X-age. Be X-smart.

    • Author
      user 2 years ago

      So true and well put Poonam. Do share your fitories for the same.

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