Authentication without Passwords

Are you tired of looking for your phone when you login to Google?

Do you wonder why a simple password is not enough?

Welcome to the world of Authentication jargon !!!

What do we do now?

What we do now (passwords) is generally 1FA? We use one factor of authentication i.e. the password

Now what if you want to ensure that someone is not guessing the password. Or has stolen it.

Here comes 2FA. You request an OTP on your phone. You get in, only if you have the phone and enter before timeout.

But what if you need more than OTP in 2nd factor?

Here comes MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication

We asked our followers would you prefer an OTP or your fingerprint? Or just showing your face.

80% respondents said they would like a biometric verification as they don’t like the cognitive overhead of managing their passwords.

Your fingerprint is just one factor. You can add face, iris scan, and as many other factors as your device provides.

Another interesting thing here is that your mobile can hold a key like a passkey.

Passkeys Explained

When authentication is required on a laptop, you scan a QR code and the mobile, authenticate the sign in using the passkey stored on mobile. This is called passkey authentication and is highly secure

Last but not the least the future logins can be done using only the passkeys or other MFA elements and one day might come when there are no passwords but still web is secure.

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