Different types of fitness freaks

In office we typically find different types of fitness freaks. Here is a list to name a few

  1. I don’t care: This type doesn’t care about their own well-being and frown upon all those who do. Even after doing nothing they are fit. These people are like this genetically or maybe because of great eating habits and routines instilled at an early stage without their realising it
  2. The marathon runner: He will constantly post his selfies from the app showing his walk statistics and make you wonder where he gets time energy and motivation for it.
  3. Running is a once a month event: Then we have the event marathon runner who turns up on marathons.
  4. The water baby: He would take every opportunity to use the water cooler, be it going for a meeting or coming back from it.
  5. The foodie: This person will bring several tiffins one for each meal with diet stuff. You will feel that all his conversations are about foods and recipes.

There would be many more besides these. Do comment what type of fitness fundas do you see around!!


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