The fast food creeps in your office-diet

You are doing your regular work and following your regular routine. Diet is going fine when someone orders a 🍕.

It turns out to be your favourite one. You just take a bite and because someone is insisting you take another bite.

Because of work your cognitive load is very high and you can’t resist temptation. Then there is constant pressure of being labeled a perennial dieter. So you end up giving in.

Now this repeats itself once/twice every week and slowly you too become the one ordering junk food.

You gain social acceptance at the cost of your health which soon starts showing up on the scale.

This can be avoided by compensating these cheats during your personal time. Of course this too needs cooperation and understanding from your spouse.

So the journey towards your wellness has 4 major contributors

  1. You
  2. Your workplace eating culture
  3. Your family and friend
  4. Your wellness companion

4 can help you manage if 2 and 3 are sub-consciously coming in the way of your wellness journey.


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