Fitories: In a flight

I found my first fitory in a flight. My co-passenger was a 25 year old girl who willingly gave me the window seat.

Initially we were very quiet. I tried to work but since there was no charger i just dropped the idea. As time passed and i was sitting idle my mind got filled with a lot of unwanted thoughts. Will the deal go through well or not etc. …

To avoid going in that direction further i started talking to her. Gradually the conversation lead to lifestyle and how most of her colleagues have PCOD.

Then she went on telling me that she too had thyroid. But with diet and lifestyle changes she was able to reverse it. How she loved the bell ringing in the office to remind them to exercise. How that made them feel better end of the day.

It was validation after validation for

People are suffering because of lifestyle

Good lifestyle can better their health

In short term it makes them feel good.

and last but not the least

When in stress have a conversation. It makes you feel better 🙂


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