Why Employee Wellness?

For an organization the employees is the most critical resource. Hence his wellness is of utmost priority.

Here are the list of reasons why an Employee Wellness Program is needed by an organization.

  1. Decreased Healthcare Costs: A well employee will perform better and spend less money as healthcare expenditure
  2. Workplace Morale A well employee is also a motivated employee.
  3. Reduced Absenteeism Employees take fewer sick days when they feel better.
  4. Reduced Overall Costs Reduces the overall costs of employee
  5. Increased Productivity Makes employees more productive
  6. Increased Responsibility Productive employees can take greater responsibility
  7. Increased Company Loyalty Well employees are more engaged to the organization
  8. Reduced Sick Leave Well employees take fewer sick leaves
  9. Improved Work Performance Well employees perform better
  10. Decreased Health Insurance Costs Since companies take a single health insurance plans for all employees if a reduction in claims is observed at a company level it can ask the insurer to give the same cover at a cheaper price.

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